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Dogs, Cats, & Fleas…..Oh My!!!!

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Last month I had the pleasure of dogsitting while my brother and his family took a cross-country road trip for two weeks. They have two dogs: Cooper, a 2 year old black lab and Claire, a 14+ year old yorkie (I completely forgot to take a picture of Claire).


Here’s Cooper in his kennel where he sleeps. He is a good dog, with the exception of requiring continuous monitoring when he is free to roam the house. He is still very much a puppy, but in a full grown body, and tends to be destructive at times when unsupervised. Now, he isn’t as bad as he used to be when he would destroy anything in his path! He knows a few commands, such as sit, down, stay (briefly but getting better), and working on heel.

Claire is good too, but she’s beginning to have memory issues. She particularly doesn’t know where she is so she will go to the bathroom whenever and wherever she feels necessary. Needless to say, she stayed in the kitchen where messes were very easy to clean. And I was very proud of her because she was here for 18 days and only had 3 accidents.

Now to the fleas. Before my brother dropped them off, he noticed Claire had fleas. He gave her a flea bath and used flea spray on Cooper just in case. Unfortunately, the fleas weren’t all dead…..Now my home has fleas and so do my cats…..sigh.

All three cats are being bothered by fleas…..

I wondered how I was going to get rid of the fleas since the cats are on all of the soft-surfaced furniture. Plus I wanted an all natural way to accomplish this seemingly impossible task and incorporate essential oils. So I spent the better part of a day  researching options.

A couple months ago, I started using doTerra essential oils as a consumer (not a Wellness Advocate). I bought Terrashield to use as a mosquito repellent and discovered I can use it on my cats as a flea repellent (I use it diluted at a minimum of 1:1 ratio of essential oil to fractionated coconut oil). I put it on my hands and pet them, avoiding their eyes, ears, and genital areas.

Another product used for my flea problem, not to mention other ways to use around the home, is DiatomaceousEarth Food Grade. You can dust furniture, bedding, carpet, hard surfaces, and more with this stuff and it will kill fleas. Plus it is all natural and will not harm me or my pets. Exactly the solution I needed!

Even though there were dogs, cats, and fleas….Oh My!, Bye bye fleas!!