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Writer’s Block

I can’t believe March is halfway over! Spring cleaning is in high gear in my house. It isn’t a chore I love to do, but I want to get it done before the weather gets REALLY nice and I lose all ambition for heavy duty inside housework.

I’ve come to find that blogging isn’t an easy task. During the evenings when I sit down to write a blog post or focus on topic of the day, my mind is BLANK. Even if I think of something to chat with you about, I have trouble crafting a post.  So to get out of my writer’s block, starting with this week, I will go ahead and post regardless of word count.

I pulled out a textbook used in my first meteorology course and it is full of discussion topics I can share with you. In my next post, I’ll talk about this book and show you where you can find it if you would like to purchase it. I hope you continue to follow along and look forward to hearing from you!



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Wintery Blustery Weekend

This winter storm gave us rain, wind, cold, freezing rain, and snow.  In my previous post, the weather models did not agree on the amount of snow from this storm.  The differences could have been amount of moisture in the air or how cold the air would be ahead of the storm.  If the air ahead of the storm stayed warmer longer, then most of the precipitation would have been rain.  But if the air ahead of the storm cooled more quickly, then most of the precipitation would have been snow (or combination of freezing rain and snow).  Now, how did this storm affect me?

I left the house around 8:30am to run a few errands and hoped I would be home before the storm.  I knew it was going to be warm in the morning (relatively speaking for January in the Midwest), but was amazingly surprised that it actually felt muggy.  It was still a little foggy, but not as bad as it was earlier in the morning.  In some places, visibility was less than one-tenth of a mile.  As you can see, most of the fog had lifted by the time I ventured out before the storm.  PS – The date on the picture should be 01/12/18.


As I start my car, I noticed the outside temperature gauge read 56 degrees.  Then I thought, Wow….it brought back memories of the Blizzard of ’78 (this wasn’t the same weather setup but the weather was mild the day before it hit).  Oooohhh, that would be a fun post!  Sorry, I digress.

After running a few erands I was walking to my car to go do my last one and boy had things changed!  It was about three hours later, so around 11:30am, it was raining, it had become very windy, and the wind was COLD.  A significant change from the warm and muggy air I felt earlier that morning.  My car was showing the outside temperature was now 41 degrees!!  A clear sign the cold front was beginning to move through and the weather was going to change drastically.  About an hour later I was finally home and happy to not have to be out driving when the weather was going to be much worse.



Lucky for me it was still raining, and really raining heavy at times, about 2:00pm while I was bringing in firewood.  My master plan was to be home before the rain started so I could have the firewood staged already.  That way when I got home all I had to do was load up the wood burning stove and start the fire.  Best laid plans….you know how it goes.

Just a short hour later or so, I noticed that it looked more like sleet coming down outside.  Plus the water on the deck and railing was freezing.  Definitely a big change in temperature!



Now by 5:00pm it had been precipitating a mix of freezing rain and snow.  I was thankful that I had a fire going because the power went off!!!  I was also fortunate that the power came back on right away…..if not, I would have had heat but no running water (but I’m prepared for that).

It kept snowing throughout the night.  The wind was very strong not to mention the wind gusts.  I would look out the window and the wind would pick up what looked like sheets of snow and just swirl it all around.  By daybreak, the snow had ended and it was so cold outside.  The wind had moved snow around so much that I could see grass in parts of the field, yet have snow drifts around the house.  I would estimate that I received 3-6 inches of snow, but really don’t know how much snow fell exactly at my house.


So about 7.5 inches in a small drift on the deck.  Underneath the eaves had about 3 inches of snow.


This was the snow at the bottom of one of the staircases.  I wish this was a better look but I was trying not to disturb the snow while measuring.  Plus is was FREEZING outside!!!  I walked out to the bird feeder and walked through deep snow near the house and barely any snow under the tree.


Under the tree, you can see all of the bird tracks and wisps of grass peeking through.



I filled the bird feeder to help out our feathered friends.  After the storm, cold arctic air settled in and we had wind chills into the single digits and sub-zero temperatures at times.


In the end, the back field had varying depths of snow.  At this point is was untouched by nature.  Such a beautiful picture and gorgeous blue sky with sunshine.


So we made it through this winter storm and had more snow yesterday.  How much snow did you see?



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Calm (or Panic) Before the Storm

Starting late tomorrow, we are bracing for freezing rain and snow….Woohoo Winter Storm Hunter!!!!  This storm has been talked about by many on Facebook, Messenger, weather groups, colleagues (you get the idea) because the initial response was WHAT?!?  Two different scenarios – One with about two INCHES of snow and the other with about two FEET of snow! Yikes!! Here is what the WSYX weather team posted Tuesday on Facebook:

Tale of Two Storms Jan 2018

How can there be that much of disagreement between weather models?  At the time, the storm was still moving in from the Pacific Ocean providing all of the rain that hit California causing mud slides in the Santa Barbara area.  So the storm system appeared on radar and satellite imagery but more data was needed to better forecast this storm.  Once over land, and especially east of the Rocky Mountains, meteorologists could get a more realistic idea of what to expect from Winter Storm Hunter.

The National Weather Service (NWS) offices throughout the country launch radiosondes, or weather balloons with a sensor package attached, to take upper air observation readings.  Radiosondes report pressure, temperature, humidity, and in some cases wind speed and direction, at various levels in the atmosphere.  This data is added to the weather models, which help give a more accurate prediction of upcoming weather events.

radiosonde launch

This photo is courtesy of NWS Wilmington Ohio Facebook page from a tour showing a radiosonde launch.  The launches are performed at 12-hour intervals, and in the anticipation of severe weather events, special launches are sometimes done at 6-hour intervals.  So as this winter storm tracked eastward, more upper air data was input into the weather models.  However, even today there is still not 100% consensus on how much snowfall to expect…..

Tale of Two Storms Jan 2018 Update Weds

As you can see, the snowfall estimations are closer together but still not close in agreement.  This scenario highlights the challenges meteorologists face when forecasting weather, as it certainly isn’t just looking at the radar (or looking out the window – HA!!).  Sorry for such a short post.  I’m going to get back to looking at weather data for this storm.  I’ll post pictures of how this storm rolls through and see how much snow actually falls.  Stay posted and stay safe!


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What Will 2018 Bring?


Happy New Year from the Midwest!  Just like you, my facebook feed was filled with pictures and well-wishes from friends welcoming in the new year.  So, where have I been during most of 2017 you may wonder?

Over the past several days, I have been thinking about how to write this post and have it well written.  Words and sentences were coming to mind and then finally I just deleted everything because I felt it wasn’t good enough.  Then I decided that I should just simply write this post as if we were having a conversation.

I started this blog a year ago with full intention of posting several times a week discussing daily life, gardening, climate, and weather forecasting.  I was working on my final semester at The Ohio State University and I had this detailed routine set up on an Excel spreadsheet about school, work, blog, study, homework, life, job searching, etc.  It looked terrific and everything fit neatly into pockets of time…..well you know how that goes… only works if you stick to it for every accountable minute.  Of course that didn’t work for me because there were times I needed extra sleep or more time for school or work asked for more hours.

Before I continue let me provide some context….I sold my home a couple years ago partly because I had no idea where I would find employment after college and partly out of financial hardship.  Luckily for me my mom welcomed me back home while I finished my degree.

Now back to what I was saying…..My final semester was underway, I was job searching, and even took a trip to where I wanted to live and previewed apartments.  Then it was March.  Mom had recovered from pneumonia the month before, but she had to go through additional testing because something was seen on her x-ray.  Her doctor initially thought she may have an aneurysm on her aorta so he sent her to the emergency room and ordered a CT scan.  Good news was she didn’t have an aneurysm.  Unnerving news was she had enlarged lymph nodes in her chest.  The doctor explained that there were many medical reasons why lymph nodes become enlarged.  In mom’s case, even her Rheumatoid Arthritis could cause this to happen.  However, the doctor referred mom to a pulmonary doctor and even an oncologist.  Now things are sounding scary.  Mom underwent a biopsy and then we heard it.  News you never want to hear.  Mom was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.  So, what did that mean?

In mom’s case, her oncologist started her on an immunotherapy treatment near the end of March.  You’ve probably seen the television commercial for Keytruda.  Mom tolerated this treatment very well with almost no side effects.  Mom continued to encourage me with school and job searching because she felt good about how her treatment was going and she felt she would have good results with this treatment.

So, I continued with school and actually had to work with my instructors because I fell behind in my coursework (I was fortunate that my last semester was all online courses).  Only one instructor out of the three forced me to go through all of the red-tape-hoops-and-jumps-that-he-could-think-of before he would “help” me.  Honestly, I became so disgusted with the process for a class that I didn’t even need to graduate but had to keep student health insurance that I decided not to stress myself further….I didn’t finish the class.  I took the E.  True, it may not look the greatest on my transcript but I hit my breaking point.  Even with all this, I graduated in May with my bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science.  After graduation, I was searching for a new job to begin my career as a meteorologist…….(you know there is a BUT coming)…BUT my plans were put on hold.


In mid-June, mom’s cancer moved to her brain.  She was hospitalized for a week plus started a series of 10 whole-brain radiation treatments along with high doses of steroids.  Unfortunately, this was the only option because there were a large number of lesions (tumors) on her brain.  These treatments were difficult for mom because she was off-balance most of the time.  She needed guidance or use a walker to get around the house and to her doctor appointments.  Also, this caused issues with her swallowing and she was restricted to nectar-thick liquids.  Have you ever seen nectar-thick liquids?  Ugh, blahk, gross…you name it.  She tried coffee in the hospital.  It looked like gravy….YUCK!!!  Once she came home, we had her do speech therapy through home health care.  The therapist was awesome and in under three weeks mom was back to drinking regular fluids.  Amazing how a few simple stretches and exercises can improve your swallowing control!

As mom recovered after her hospital stay and radiation treatments, she regained her strength.  She was doing better and she was looking forward to her sister visiting from California.  It was a fabulous week in late-July of weather, porch sitting, conversation, and doing a whole-lotta (yeah, that’s a word) absolutely nothing.  I’m so thankful my aunt was able to visit because she only gets back this way about every 3-5 years.  After my aunt headed back to California, mom started having pain that didn’t make much sense.  She had pain radiating through her arm like she had a pinched nerve, but when she didn’t get better, her oncologist ordered a CT scan.  Sigh, sniff, I wanted to scream…..the cancer had progressed to her liver.  Well, that meant goodbye Keytruda and hello to strong chemotherapy.


I was devastated with the news.  Mom didn’t seem too worried still and had the best outlook with this line of treatment.  I think she underestimated how she would feel with this treatment because the side effects are debilitating.  The first chemo treatment was late-August and knocked her down so bad that she had ZERO appetite.  I couldn’t get her to eat more than two bites of food or drink more water than needed to take her medicines.  She got so bad so quickly that I had to call the squad and have her transported to the hospital.  She was severely dehydrated and it took the doctors about five days to hydrate her and get her electrolytes balanced again.  Home health care was needed again upon discharge, but it was physical therapy and a nurse to check in on her a couple times per week.  Physical therapy was to help her regain strength and the nurse was to make sure she stayed on track with hydration and nutrition…..not that I wasn’t giving her these things but having an outside professional watching her helped her stay more focused.  I have to say that my mom was very strong-willed through all this and was released from home health care in one month.

The chemotherapy continued and mom was able to work through many of the side effects and keep hydrated and continued to eat, with the help of appetite stimulation medicine.  Chemotherapy is extremely difficult on the human body… destroys any type of cell, not just cancer cells.  Mom had to have weekly bloodwork checks and usually needed some type of transfusion.  Sometimes it was just some fluids to help with hydration, while other times it was blood or platelet transfusion, and other times it was both blood and platelet transfusions.  After four chemotherapy treatments, weekly bloodwork checks, and many, many, many transfusions, the follow up CT scan showed promise in her chest but progression in her liver.  Now, third line treatment starts the following week in early-December.

This new treatment was another immunotherapy called Opdivo (there is a television commercial for this drug too) and was similar to Keytruda.  The difference was that Opdivo was found to work best after these other two treatment lines were attempted first.  Mom and I were relieved to find out the side effects were similar to Keytruda and that she probably wouldn’t feel as bad as she had been with the chemotherapy.  I figured she would need about a month to recover and regain some strength after finishing chemotherapy.  BUT the day following her Opdivo treatment, mom was struggling with short-term memory and was sometimes confused.  I called her doctor and was told it could be the Opdivo or even effects from chemotherapy.  I was to call back if mom didn’t improve or if she worsened over the next day or so.  That being said, I called back because mom was having more trouble with memory and her oncologist scheduled an MRI of her brain for that day.

I fully prepared myself to hear that the brain cancer had returned.  We had gotten the news in October that her brain scan was clear…..the whole-brain radiation and steroids worked!!!  The radiation oncologist just said to follow up in the event that her symptoms recurred…..which is why the MRI was ordered.  BUT it wasn’t brain cancer this time….the MRI showed she had suffered several mini strokes.  Mom was hospitalized right away.  BUT the doctors were forced to wait because mom’s platelets were extremely low and she couldn’t be given blood thinners for the mini strokes.  After a few days, mom’s oncologist gave us the news that the platelets were low because the cancer was now in her bone marrow.  The pathologist could see the blasts in a blood swab (not completely technical but it’s what I recall of the conversation).  Hospice became involved that evening and mom lost her battle with cancer the following morning.

I know there are things I’ve omitted whether it was because of intimate details or I felt it wasn’t necessary.  I was fortunate to spend the last 10 months helping my mom, whether it was just being here to chat, take her to appointments, fix her meals, give her medicine, or help her bathe and dress.  There are things that I think to myself that maybe I should’ve done things this way or maybe I should’ve done this not that, but I’m working hard not to drift into the realm of what-ifs.  I remind myself that God had a purpose for me to have to sell my home (even though I was very angry) and move back home with mom.  I didn’t see it at the time, but I’m forever grateful that it happened.

So, what will 2018 bring?  This year will definitely be a time to grieve and will probably be very busy, but I will continue Mom’s Brown Thumb as originally planned.  I have to laugh because I’m now responsible for the cacti……let’s hope I can keep them going and keep Spanky away.  I hope you follow along and enjoy.  I love you Mom!!!  Happy New Year and to New Beginnings!!!


















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Passion for Weather


The other day I was getting reacquainted with my camera ~ I took these pictures of cirrus clouds. These are high clouds that are wispy and feathery in appearance. The weather in Ohio has been great with sunny skies and warm temperatures the last few days. I’m watching the skies and the weather data to see if severe thunderstorms are in our future!

As for my passion for weather, I like to watch storms as they move into the area. A couple years ago, I took these storm pictures from my driveway.


And the date set on my camera was wrong…HA! We don’t get storms like this in January. I do like to have the date of the pictures for reference, but this is obviously not January weather!

As I work to make accurate weather forecasts, I will post them here for you to see and make plans for your day…..getting to work, kids to school, yardwork, planting flowers, and whatever else comes to mind. I have to say thunderstorms and tornadoes are my favorite weather phenomena. I’m sure I will have much to say about them this summer. Stay tuned!



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What’s in a Name?


You may be wondering….What does “Mom’s Brown Thumb” mean? Does it mean that Mom’s thumb is always brown from playing in the dirt? Does it mean that Mom’s thumb is brown because she kills all things green? Actually, it’s a little bit of both! Yes, so true.

Mom usually never has much trouble growing plants in the garden and flower beds. Potted plants, indoors and outdoors, tend to present a challenge. The plants that left us scratching our heads were her cacti……..

There were several cacti in a potted container like the one in the above picture. Slowly over the years, a cactus would dry up and turn brown. We teased Mom asking How in the world can you kill a cactus?

Maybe she over-watered. Maybe she never watered. But most of them perished. One survived – well, until it was fatally injured by a Mammoth Furball named Spanky.


I’m certain Spanky meant no harm. He is a large cat and tends to run through the house like a bull in a china shop. The cactus pot was knocked off the plant stand in the kitchen, breaking the last remaining cactus in half. It slowly turned brown and died. So, the sole remaining cactus did not perish at the hands of my Mom (as I chuckle writing that). The cactus was doing very well until Spanky came running through the kitchen one day. Needless to say, I felt terrible and I bought Mom another pot of cacti for Mother’s Day. Let’s just hope they survive whatever adversary comes their way.


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My Dream Came True


Sunday, May 7, 2017

On this day, I graduated from The Ohio State University with my bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science.  It was an exciting, yet emotionally overwhelming, day for me because I accomplished a goal that I wasn’t sure would come true.  I was a non-traditional student pursuing a career along with high school graduates and young twenty-somethings working on their master’s degrees in the field.  Why did I put myself through all this?

Before returning to college, I worked in various Accounting jobs.  My last one was processing payroll for a large local bank and I began to realize that my career was at a standstill.  I certainly looked at internal job postings and other prospective employers, but was denied because I didn’t have the paper management wanted to see……….. The Bachelor’s Degree.  Even though I had an associate’s degree in Accounting with 25+ years of Accounting experience, including 9 years of payroll experience……well, that didn’t matter much.  So, after a lot of thought and prayer, I went back to college.  But I decided it was time to pursue my passion…

After taking grueling courses of Physics, Calculus, Differential Equations, and many others……..


I walked into Ohio Stadium as a member of the 2017 graduating class! As you can see, I wasn’t the only one trying to capture the moment. Emerging from the tunnel onto the field and being led to our seats was awe inspiring.  Most graduates were seated with students that were in other majors because only a few majors were considered tagged, meaning our major was printed on our degrees.  So, I got to line up and sit with my fellow classmates.  Unfortunately, there were three who were unable to attend.


Now that I have graduated, my path is new and fresh.  I’m still in the job hunting process and will continue working on my blog.  Now, I can’t close without giving the most thanks to my biggest supporter… mom.


Without her support and encouragement, this day would never have come.  (That’s mom on the right and my brother on the left.)

Good things shall come and each day is a blessing!




Who I Am & Why I’m Here

Hello! I’m Tammy and would like to welcome you to my blog, Mom’s Brown Thumb. A little about me……I live in the Midwest, I love gardening, I have three cats (I know, crazy cat lady starter kit), and I’m pursuing my dream of being a meteorologist. I have always loved the weather and am fascinated with thunderstorms. The more severe the better!

So, you may be wondering why I call my blog “Mom’s Brown Thumb” if I enjoy weather and gardening? Well, there is a story behind the name and I will share it with you in a future post. But for now, follow me along my journey including my oops along the way. Being a new blogger, I’m certain I will share a few with you!