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My Bullet Journal

Scrolling through Pinterest seems to be my electronic pastime while relaxing in the evening and watching TV. Last year I came across Bullet Journals. or BUJO for short, and thought WOW this is a great idea!

(I know….I know….get with the times! BUJOs are nothing new. Ha!)

This year a major goal for me is to become more organized and to develop better time management skills. Over the years I have “used” planners, calendars, notebooks, and the like to try to keep myself organized. “Used” is a loose term because I would start using these tools for a very brief time and then never open them again.

I saved soooo many pins to use as a reference when creating my own BUJO. I am learning that you do not have to be an artist nor do you need to have endless supplies of special markers, highlighters, pens, stencils, washi tape and more. All you need is a notebook you like and whatever writing and coloring utensils you have on have on hand. For me, I had pens and colored pencils. I just needed a notebook and I did want to buy highlighters.

I wanted to have my BUJO be more than a planner/calendar. I wanted my BUJO to include other unique things not found in a typical store bought planner. Things like habit trackers for exercise, mood, sleep, self care, spending/no spending, budget/savings, etc. I could create an individualized layout to my calendar section, as well as, get my artsy on. The margins need some fun art…..ideas?

My plan was to start my BUJO last year, but I did not stick to my plan. I bought a hardback lined notebook because I loved the cover design. My eye kept being drawn to the lined pages instead of the meaningful information I was putting on the page. Needless to say, my motivation dissipated quickly.

Even though my first attempt at a BUJO did not go as planned, I kept searching for a cost-effective notebook. Every time I was in Walmart, Target, or wherever I could find office supplies I would look at the available notebook and art supply options. It took awhile before I found a notebook and I love it! My notebook is from Walmart. The other item I did buy was Zebra Mildliner markers. At my local store, I found one color pallet.

My BUJO is in its infancy and hope to use it as an organization tool. Have you tried creating your own bullet journal?

Talk to you soon!

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