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My Beauty and The Beast

If you saw my Instagram post yesterday I mentioned that I took my cats, The Beast Spanky and The Beauty Missy to the veterinarian for a wellness check. Both hadn’t been to the vet in a few years and I thought it was time to see if both were healthy, especially after events over the last couple years. And if you feel the same way about your pets as I feel about mine, they are part of the family and you want them healthy and happy.

Missy was my mom’s cat and she has had some behavioral issues since my mom passed away. The worst behavior is not always using the litter box. Sometimes she will go on the basement floor….thank goodness it isn’t finished! I’m working on correcting this behavior and I use an enzymatic cleaner to remove her messes. She does eat, but I noticed she was showing weight loss. She had a poochy belly before, so no harm in losing a little weight. However, she was looking thinner along the spine and I hoped nothing serious was wrong.

Spanky has been with me since he was 3 months old and has grown into a very large-build cat. Back in 2011, he had become very ill. He had been vomiting for a couple days and not eating, not even tuna. Off to the vet we went. Many tests were done, blood work, x-rays, and x-rays with contrast to see if he had string or something lodged in his digestive tract. The only thing noted was his blood work showed liver enzyme issues. Luckily, he improved and was fine afterward.

Then it all happened again in 2013! The same symptoms, blood work, and test results. His veterinarian noted it was probably pancreatitis and he would deal with this the remainder of his life. He may get better at times, then have a relapse. The recurrences would more than likely be unpredictable. I felt so bad for Spanky and thought I would lose him at a young age. Good news isS that he has not had any episodes since 2013! He does leave me lovely hairballs from time to time, but he doesn’t get sick like he had in the past.

Needless to say, I was nervous about Spanky going to the vet even though he wasn’t behaving differently. Roonie, another cat I had, got sick late last year and passed away after a couple months of medical intervention. Spanky and Roonie were related….uncle/nephew. I was nervous about Missy too because of her weight loss.

Roonie ❤

Well, both Spanky and Missy survived the trip to the veterinarian! Spanky was not happy and it was nice that he didn’t put up too much of a fuss. Missy on the other hand……WOW…she was not a happy camper!!! For them to draw blood, they had to muzzle her because of how much she was fighting. So next time she will need to have something to relax her.

Spanky is 20 lbs and his blood work was perfect!!!!! He is a VERY large cat and I think he has Maine Coon characteristics. Although, he could stand to lose a little weight. Missy is 6.9 lbs and her blood work was perfect too!!!!! She just needs to gain some weight. I’m increasing the amount of wet food both receive, while reducing the amount of dry food I give them. This gives them more hydration and aids with their digestive systems. Both are in their elder years and hoping to keep my beauty and my beast healthy and happy for many years to come!

My Beauty and The Beast….I just took this picture and Spanky looks like he wants to scream “HEY, QUIT DISTURBING MY NAP!!!!” LOL

Do you have pets? Please tell me about them!


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