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What’s in a Name?


You may be wondering….What does “Mom’s Brown Thumb” mean? Does it mean that Mom’s thumb is always brown from playing in the dirt? Does it mean that Mom’s thumb is brown because she kills all things green? Actually, it’s a little bit of both! Yes, so true.

Mom usually never has much trouble growing plants in the garden and flower beds. Potted plants, indoors and outdoors, tend to present a challenge. The plants that left us scratching our heads were her cacti……..

There were several cacti in a potted container like the one in the above picture. Slowly over the years, a cactus would dry up and turn brown. We teased Mom asking How in the world can you kill a cactus?

Maybe she over-watered. Maybe she never watered. But most of them perished. One survived – well, until it was fatally injured by a Mammoth Furball named Spanky.


I’m certain Spanky meant no harm. He is a large cat and tends to run through the house like a bull in a china shop. The cactus pot was knocked off the plant stand in the kitchen, breaking the last remaining cactus in half. It slowly turned brown and died. So, the sole remaining cactus did not perish at the hands of my Mom (as I chuckle writing that). The cactus was doing very well until Spanky came running through the kitchen one day. Needless to say, I felt terrible and I bought Mom another pot of cacti for Mother’s Day. Let’s just hope they survive whatever adversary comes their way.


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